Location: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport    

Date: 2003 (Moved in 2008)

Dimensions: 13'h x 10'w x 20'd

Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer [ceiling elements], Wall covering. 

Altar table: By Don Lewis - Walnut, Curly Maple, Glass

Commissioning Agency: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Art Program

Description:  The new chapel invites visitors to shift from the commercial and active environment of the terminal to a more contemplative space. This was accomplished by extending the ceiling height by four feet and suspending sculptural elements of translucent fiberglass sheeting in a layered and gradually ascending configuration. The curvilinear shapes are repeated and interlocked, forming an arched floating overhead ceiling plane.

The walls are covered in a pale blue-green, water washed surface, adding a sense of expansiveness and transparency to the space of the room.  Light enhances this effect, as the front and side walls are washed with light from overhead and the ceiling elements defuse the overhead spots creating a modulated visual effect.

The handcrafted alter table, by Don Lewis, was designed in collaboration
with the larger installation.  Its hand tooled surfaces and use of beautiful, local woods add a warm counterpoint to the other materials used.