Location: The Exhibition Space at 112 Greene Street, NYC, NY

Date: 1988-1989

Materials: Various


*Ground  Place of origin, ontologically as well as existentially - where we "stand"

*Play  Romancing the charged quixoticrealm of the unexpected - the Real, manifesting

*View  Perspective, field of vision, depth of field, focus - as in "burning point"

*Changer  Agent of change, catalyst activating latent potential or one who changes as in "shape shifter"

Artemis  presents a sculpture intended to replicate the physical experience of a particular (absent) landscape, marked in a wall installation which emphasizes its physical distance from the gallery setting. This is site art for a site which is elsewhere, art which is not meant to be a visually appealing autonomous object but rather the vehicle for bodily sensations which make present an absent landscape. Climbing on Artemis' sculpture, sensing the shifts in physical plane and texture of the surfaces underfoot, one has an immediate experience which feeds every sense except the visual. What one sees from the sculpture is everything which is not the sculpture; the wall photographs and drawings, small and intimate in scale, cease to be interpretable objects and have nothing further to do with the experience of the body. And it is the experience  of the body which ultimately becomes the locus of Artemis' particular aesthetic, even though it is the explanatory materials which make that body experience interpretable. 

          -  Excerpt from exhibition catalogue by J.W. Cullum